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Woven labels are the most common and economical way to identify and grow your brand on your product all while having a very high perceived value which helps your product. Woven labels have the best and biggest bang for your buck!  You can tell this from all major brands who use woven labels in the majority of their products, it can not be beat! Woven will allow you to get the finest detail in both your logo and name – you will be amazed how professional your name and brand will look in our HD Woven Labels.  You can place them on any and every item!  Everything is 100% custom to your needs ensuring your logo, lettering, and colours are as accurate as possible.  All our labels come individually cut and finished (most from offshore come on rolls and you have to cut them yourself – but they will fray – we Hot cut so all nice and individual), suited to your needs, ready to be sewn in. Laven Labels produces quality labels and the quickest delivery in the industry!  ONE WEEK for most Labels!!!  RONICES is a manufacturer left in China professional labels.

woven label

All types of weaves are available: taffeta, twills, satin, damask, tubular for zipper pulls, micro damask, broadloom, needle loom, etc.  

The most popular is our unique HD damask weave – this will give you the best detail possible, plus it is very soft against the skin. We run 95% of labels on this weave – sort of a no brainer as it’s the best you can get and gives your brand the best look possible.

Hot cut – The ends are sealed so no framing – for exterior sewing all around.

Center folding – the top and bottom ends are sealed and then folded in the middle/center –  for sewing at the top into a seam or hem, end folded for softer middle fold.


» Finishing, if needed: pressure sensitive, heat seal, calenderized, merrowing, over dyed, ultrasonic cutting, etc.  Most are sewn into the product; this is also the quickest and cheapest option.  Plus, with no finish, it’s the softest, no finish is 95% of products.

**Minimum is 100 pieces.  Please email us your specs – size, colours, quantity, art, etc to sales@ronices.com  5-7 work days DELIVERY!

**Payment – Only 30% Deposit, Make Your Floating Capital More Effective.

**Delivery –  We can deliver most woven labels within a week!!  We are the direct manufacturer so that is why we are so quick!  Plus, we care!

Labels using on the clothes!!


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